Dolphin Waterslides offers the finest residential slides that combine the thrill and durability of water park attractions, perfectly tailored to fit your residential or private community pools. We offer all sorts of custom solutions for our clients to help transform the look and functionality of their pools.

Unleash Your Imagination with Custom Pool Slide Designs

At Dolphin Waterslides, we understand that each pool is unique, and that’s why we take pride in our custom slide designs. With many years of experience, we have perfected a range of popular and proven designs that will suit any pool shape or size. Starting your slide plans is as simple as browsing through our collection of tried-and-true designs. Once you find the perfect fit, our skilled team will bring your vision to life. From sectional custom-designed slides to one-piece insert slides, we guarantee that our slides will add both beauty and excitement to your pool.

Pre-Designed Tube Slides for Swimming Pools

Looking for a slide design that combines convenience and elegance? Our pre-designed tube slides are just a click away. With Dolphin Waterslides, you can effortlessly incorporate a stunning slide into your pool design. These pre-designed models are versatile, fitting various pool shapes, and can be ordered as quickly as you sign off on the drawing. Whether you’re a pool designer or landscaper, our pre-designed tube slides are the perfect addition to your pool design presentation.

Make Water Park Lines a Thing of the Past

This year, say goodbye to never-ending water park lines and hello to endless fun in your own backyard. With Dolphin Waterslides, you can create a pool experience that is second to none. Become the talk of the town and the place to be this summer with a unique and beautiful pool slide from Dolphin Waterslides.

To take the first step towards creating your dream pool, contact us today.