Keep It Beautiful!

The beautiful pool project you planned and anxiously awaited for is finally done. You’ve been trained on how to maintain your pool to make it last and keep it beautiful. This area is to educate you on the best products and habits you can use for seasonal water slide maintenance for your new luxury fiberglass water slide. There is not nearly as much up keep required for the slide as there is for the pool, but it is important to maintain it and keep it beautiful for many, many years to come. Download and print the PDF file below for suggestions on how to keep that beautiful slide beautiful.

Owners Manual

Don’t forget Safety

Everyone knows that kids, teenagers, and even adults as well often get used to a new purchase and slowly start forgetting about the rules that came with the product. The very same can happen with water slides. The homeowner should always enforce the rules that are provided with the water slide.

Even better, get a small sign that can be installed permanently if possible. There are many companies that can provide you with a typical slide rules sign, or you can now order the sign through Dolphin WaterSlides. These signs can be helpful for any accident that might happen if someone is disregarding the rules of the slide.

Daily Inspection

An adult should always inspect the slide and its surroundings every day when the pool is in use. This inspection should be performed before anyone is permitted to ride the slide. It only takes about 5 minutes to look at and can be performed during the pool inspection. You should look for the following while inspecting the water slide. If all is well slide away.

  • Ride Surface of Fiberglass Slide: Check flume for cracks, warped areas, sharp edges, loose sections, bubbles and any other damages to the gel coat. Also remove any debris that might be inside the slide.
  • Seams of Slide Sections: Check for chipped or cracked caulking between the slide sections. This is an easy repair and is covered in the Maintenance and Repair Guide.
  • Walkways: Walk the path or steps leading to the entry of the slide. Make sure there are no obstructions, potential slippery areas, or sharp objects.
  • Water Flow: Turn the water for the slide on and visually look and listen for any changes in the water flow.
  • Handrails Along Slide: Check to see that there are no sharp objects, like rockwork, protruding over the handrails where the rider might be able to throw their hands up and get hurt.

Anything found to be unusual should be looked at immediately by whoever services your pool, or call us at Dolphin and ask for Technical Support. (731-632-1407)