Waterslides 101

Today’s Luxury Pool Industry features so many options for design and accessories that the possibilities are almost endless. Builders along with landscapers can design and build just about any pool project a client can dream up.

The same goes for water slides. There are more options than ever before for choosing a water slide and a company to build your slide, just like any other pool accessory. This web page was developed just for you, to determine what Dolphin WaterSlides, Inc. can provide for your slide needs.

Dolphin’s line water slides and accessories all have virtually the same purpose as any other residential pool slide or accessory available on the market…FUN. But unlike any other pool slide company, our water slides are built only for you and your family. You speak with the same friendly sales rep and in most designs, you work directly with the slide designer also, and we build a slide to fit your lifestyle and desired pool setting. Everything is completely custom built for every individual order. The safety of a water slide is absolutely the most important feature of any slide you purchase, our slide flumes are the widest and deepest in the residential pool slide market. Look at the specifications on the Our Slides page for more information to review before deciding on your slide purchase.

We love to work with builders in the pool and landscaping design industry, or Dolphin will work directly with the end user on any project, big or small. Call today to speak with a Dolphin rep in your area or from our knowledgeable office staff for retail and dealer pricing.

After you’ve researched the slide project and think this might be the company for you, give us a call or use the Contact Us page to get more information or to start speaking with us about the pool of your dreams and the slides and accessories you’d like to have along with it.

Building the most extravagant water slide and adding it to your pool setting can be accomplished without a headache. All projects do not run smooth, as with any other part of pool construction, and the problems will start when all parties involved are not on the same page. Communication is a priority. Everyone involved should be in contact, to insure everything coordinates with each other.

Any company that specializes in custom designing a portion of your project, must coordinate with several other areas of the pool/landscaping project. Here are a few tips and pointers to consider before sliding right into all of your accessory decisions; these will save you time, money, and frustration. Find out what you need to know here.