Top 3 Tips for Designing Your Pool

Have you decided to install a pool? If so, then you’ll be having fun for years to come! Before your pool is built, though, you need to design it. Here, we provide our top three tips for designing the perfect pool for your home.

Keep the purpose of your pool in mindpool in backyard of home

As you’re designing your pool, it’s important to keep the reason you’re building it in mind. Are you looking to build a pool for relaxation? Family fun? Exercise? Whatever the reason, the purpose of your pool will guide its design. A pool built for exercise will look far different than one built for relaxation.

Study local rules and regulations

Different municipalities will have different regulations concerning how pools can be designed and built. It’s important, then, that you read up on these rules and regulations before you design your pool.

Allow for future features and additions

When your pool is finished, it likely won’t stay that way forever. You’ll want to make changes and add features throughout the coming years. Many people gradually add on things to their pool because doing it all at once is too expensive. So, be sure to leave room for future features and additions as you’re designing your pool.

One of these future features and additions could be a custom waterslide from Dolphin Waterslides. To learn more about our custom waterslides, contact us today at 731-632-1407.