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Four Fun Pool Themes for Your Backyard Pool

Modern water pool closes up to the blue water with a garden, poolside with wooden pillars and beams under blue sky and white clouds

As you’re installing your new pool, have you considered incorporating a theme? It’s not something everyone does with their pool, but having a pool theme will certainly make your backyard pool stand out! Plus, there are plenty of options. Below are our four favorite pool themes for you to consider: Pirate Theme A pirate themed… Read more »

What to Know About Building a Lazy River in Your Backyard

Lazy rivers are a favorite for waterparks, but would you be surprised when we told you that you could build one in your backyard as well? Backyard lazy rivers are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! They’re the perfect way to enjoy your pool and your backyard on a leisurely summer day. However, building… Read more »

Top 3 Tips for Designing Your Pool

pool in backyard of home

Have you decided to install a pool? If so, then you’ll be having fun for years to come! Before your pool is built, though, you need to design it. Here, we provide our top three tips for designing the perfect pool for your home. Keep the purpose of your pool in mind As you’re designing… Read more »

When Should You Start Planning Your Pool?

young woman sitting by pool

Did you think to yourself this summer how nice it would be to have a pool? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners who suffer through the summer’s heat wish they had one to cool off. But if you’ve come to the conclusion that you want a pool, then when should you start planning for… Read more »

Should You Let Your Pool Freeze Over the Winter?

pool behind home in the winter time

Winter is almost here, and that means most people are closing up their pools. While water is supposed to freeze as the temperatures get low, should you let your pool freeze? Read on to learn more: The Short Answer: No Simply put, it is not a good idea to let your pool freeze. While it… Read more »

Top 3 Signs You Need to Deep Clean Your Pool

Above ground pool with a problem of green algae (chlorophyta) in the water. stock photo

We’ve talked before about cleaning your pool slide, but what about your actual pool? Some pool owners don’t clean their pool as often as they should. That’s why we’ve compiled the top three signs that it’s time to deep clean your pool. The water is discolored Does your pool water have a tinge of green… Read more »

How to Keep Leaves Out of Your Pool

fall leaves floating in swimming pool water

Autumn is just around the corner, and that means pumpkins, brisk weather, and falling leaves. However, in many cases, the leaves start to fall before the last of summer’s warmth has disappeared. This is why many people keep their pools open well into September. But how do you keep enjoying your pool without having to… Read more »

When Should You Close Your Pool?

closed pool

As much as we hate to say it, summer is almost over. We have only a few weeks left until Labor Day, and for many areas, that’s when the temperatures start to drop. But it can be difficult for many people to determine when the right time is to close their pool. After all, they… Read more »

How to Cool Down Your Pool

Modern villa with pool, view from the garden

For most of the year, you’ll usually have trouble keep your pool warm enough to swim in. However, during the peak of summer, you may have a few blistering hot days that make your pool seem more like a sauna. You need your pool to be cool for you to cool down as well, but… Read more »

Sun Safety Tips for When You’re Swimming in the Pool

Beach hat, orange juice and sunglasses near the swimming pool

Summer is here, and you know what that means—plenty of hours spent in and around the pool! While sliding down the pool slide and swimming in the water is always good fun, you also need to be wary of sun exposure. Too much exposure to the sun can cause your skin to burn and even… Read more »