Preparing Your Slide for Spring and Summer

Now that the winter season is retreating, it’s time to focus on reopening your pool. A big part of that is ensuring that your pool slide is ready and safe to function. Here, we detail some steps you should take to get your pool slide ready for spring and summer.

Get your water runningpool slide

Before the winter season, you should have removed all the water from your pipes. This would have prevented your pipes from bursting. However, now it’s time to get your water running again. You may find that some of the water is green or cloud—this is normal. Leave your filter system running and eventually the water will turn clear.

Check for damage

No matter how many precautions you took in the wintertime, there is always a chance that your pool slide got damaged. Check first for scratches and cracks in the plastic. Then, check the steel legs and bolts for any rust. In most cases, you won’t have to fix much. However, if you do notice any damage, make sure you get it fixed as soon as possible, before people start using your slide.

Clean your pool slide

Over the wintertime, your pool was likely covered with snow, ice, debris, and more. Once the snow has melted away, wash away any leftover debris and then apply a nonabrasive cleaner. After it’s been cleaned, apply a UV inhibiting wax to further protect your slide.

For more pool slide maintenance tips, read through our blog or contact Dolphin Waterslides today!