Category: Water Slide Maintenance

Preparing Your Slide for Spring and Summer

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Now that the winter season is retreating, it’s time to focus on reopening your pool. A big part of that is ensuring that your pool slide is ready and safe to function. Here, we detail some steps you should take to get your pool slide ready for spring and summer. Get your water running Before… Read more »

Winter Pool Slide Maintenance

pool in wintertime

Winter is here, and with that comes many problems. Not only do you have to plow your driveway, heat your home, and keep an eye on your home’s exterior, you also have to check in on your pool. Your pool’s plumbing can fall victim to the frigid winter temperatures. This is especially true for your… Read more »

Winter is coming. Is your pool slide ready for the freeze?

Winter is well on its way, so right now is the time to prepare your pool’s plumbing for the dropping temperatures. The fall is the best time to winterize your family pool and accessories.  Be sure to include your pool slide as part of the pool closing. Why should I worry about winterizing my slide? This… Read more »

Protect Your Water Slide

Gel Coat is available in many colors and is a very durable product for water slides, and the flawless, shiny and ultra smooth look and ride of a good water slide is hard to beat in any other material. However, left unattended your water slide will begin to loose its shiny flawless appearance as it weathers and… Read more »

New Water Slide Maintenance Tips

Congratulations on your beautiful new pool slide by Dolphin WaterSlides, Inc.! We hope you are very happy with your water slide and are enjoying the hours of fun your brand new water slide is going to add to your pool oasis. No matter if your Dolphin slide is a 10′ one piece slide, our popular… Read more »