Protect Your Water Slide

Gel Coat is available in many colors and is a very durable product for water slides, and the flawless, shiny and ultra smooth look and ride of a good water slide is hard to beat in any other material. However, left unattended your water slide will begin to loose its shiny flawless appearance as it weathers and fades from exposure to the elements. We sell you one water slide for your pool, and we want you to have that same beautiful slide for years to come. That slide will endure hours of use, harsh exposure to moist air, dry air, rain, wind, harsh heat, and UV rays from the sunlight causing the top layer of gel coat to oxidize over time and make the surface cloudy or chalky appearing when dry.

So, how do you keep your water slide looking good? Simple, you maintain it. You clean it just like any other pool part or accessory, you protect it,  and you wax it with a good UV inhibiting wax as often as possible. We love to see this happening a minimum of 2 times a year.

Clean & Protect Your Water Slide

We recommend your slide be protected from day one. As soon as you have the slide installed, get out there and spend a small amount of time on the slide, to prevent ever seeing this chalky finish in the first place. Save yourself a headache, and if you don’t maintain your own pool and know you don’t want to maintain your slide, have slide maintenance added into your pool’s service contract. Just be sure someone is protecting your investment.

Your Waterslide should be cleaned using a mild nonabrasive cleaner and dried using a microfiber cloth before applying anything to the surface. Below are a few options for products recommended to Clean and  Protect Your Slides Beautiful Finish.