Sun Safety Tips for When You’re Swimming in the Pool

Summer is here, and you know what that means—plenty of hours spent in and around the pool! While sliding down the pool slide and swimming in the water is always good fun, you also need to be wary of sun exposure. Too much exposure to the sun can cause your skin to burn and even increase your risk of skin cancer later in life. So, before you hop in the pool, take these steps to protect yourself from the sun.

Apply plenty of sunscreenBeach hat, orange juice and sunglasses near the swimming pool

Sunscreen is your best protection against the sun. However, since you’ll be in the pool, you’ll need to apply water-resistant sunscreen that is labeled SPF 30 or higher. Even when sunscreen is water resistant, though, you’ll need to reapply it every so often to keep up protection. We recommend applying sunscreen 30 minutes before heading into the pool, and then reapplying it every 2 hours or whenever you step out of the pool.

Seek the shade

Sunscreen can help protect your skin, but that’s not the only danger from too much sun exposure. You also run the risk of overheating and even heat stroke. While the pool will certainly cool you off, there’s only so much that water can do. Whenever you’re out of the water, seek shade under umbrellas or trees to keep out of the sun.

Stay hydrated

Another way to avoid overheating is to stay hydrated. Pool water is full of chlorine, so it’s obviously not good to swallow. Have several glasses of cold water by your pool to ensure you can grab it whenever you get thirsty.

Be careful sliding down your pool slide

Pool slides can get brutally hot when in direct sunlight. The pool water should cool it off, but it might take some time before it does so. Before you slide down, feel the surface of it to ensure that it’s not too hot.

At Dolphin Waterslides, we want to make sure everyone stays safe on one of our custom water slides. To learn more about our waterslides, contact us today.