How to Keep Leaves Out of Your Pool

Autumn is just around the corner, and that means pumpkins, brisk weather, and falling leaves. However, in many cases, the leaves start to fall before the last of summer’s warmth has disappeared. This is why many people keep their pools open well into September. But how do you keep enjoying your pool without having to clean out too many leaves? Here are some tips:

Use a pool coverfall leaves floating in swimming pool water

Pool covers can keep leaves and other debris out of your pool when you’re not using it. But if you’d rather not have a bulky pool cover to deal with, you can use either a mesh pool cover or a leaf net cover. Both of these options will help keep leaves out of your pool.

Do proper landscaping

Sometimes you have to deal with leaves from their source—the trees. By trimming your landscaping and keeping branches away from your pool, you’ll have fewer leaves falling into the water.

Install a leaf block or retaining wall

Proper landscaping will dramatically limit how many leaves fall into your pool, but it won’t do everything. Leaves from nearby lawns can blow into your pool, but there is something you can do about that. A leaf block or a retaining wall can act as a barrier between your pool and the leaves.

Close your pool at the proper time

Even if it’s still warm, you don’t want to wait too long before closing your pool. If you do, you’ll be scooping out leaves for hours just to close your pool. Follow these guidelines to find the right time to close your pool.

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