How to Find the Perfect Spot for Your Pool Slide

A pool slide is a fantastic addition to any backyard swimming pool, adding an extra layer of excitement and fun for all ages. But choosing the perfect location for your pool slide is just as important as choosing the slide itself. The following tips can guide you towards selecting an ideal spot that enhances safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

Safety Considerationsyellow pool slide

When scouting a location for your pool slide, safety should be the top priority. Ensure that the slide is installed in a deeper part of the pool where there is no risk of a person hitting the bottom when sliding down. Also, ensure that the exit of the slide is away from pool walls, steps, or other potential hazards.

Easy Accessibility

Consider the accessibility of the slide. A slide should be easily accessible from the pool and the surrounding deck. Its ladder or steps should be installed where it won’t interfere with other pool activities and traffic. Additionally, the location should have sufficient space around it for safe entry and exit.


For parental peace of mind, the pool slide should be positioned where it can be easily seen from the main house or the usual sitting area. This way, adults can effortlessly supervise children using the slide.

Integration with Pool Design

Finally, your pool slide should seamlessly blend with your existing pool design. Its location should enhance the pool’s aesthetics, not detract from it. Consider the line of sight, the layout of the pool, and how the slide will look from different angles around your backyard.

Finding the perfect spot for your pool slide requires a thoughtful consideration of safety, accessibility, visibility, and aesthetics. Once you’ve found the ideal location, you’re ready to enjoy the exhilarating fun a pool slide brings. If you are looking for high-quality, custom-made pool slides designed to suit any pool and landscape, reach out to Dolphin Waterslides at 731-632-1407. We’re ready to help transform your swimming pool into a source of endless enjoyment for your family and friends.