How to Choose the Color of Your Pool Slide

Whether you’re a homeowner or a businessowner, a slide can add an extra bit of fun to your pool. But finding the right pool slide is easier said than done. One of the factors you’ll have to consider is what color you want your slide to be. To help you make your decision, we’re going through the top factors to help you choose the best color for your pool slide.

Think about the surrounding environmentblue pool slide in water park

Your pool slide should go with the overall aesthetic of your outdoor environment. For example, if your backyard is classy and elegant, you may want to choose a calming color in our HDS Shimmer Line. The shimmering gel coat will add an extra touch of elegance to your slide. However, if you’re installing a slide for your waterpark, you may want something bright and cheerful. Think about the surrounding environment as well as the overall style you want to portray.

Match it to your pool

Your pool slide should complement your pool colors. While you don’t have to match the colors completely, they should go well with one another. Most pools use blue and white lining on the inside, so your pool slide should complement those colors. However, others have more natural themes with piles of rocks supporting the slide. Your pool slide should complement the colors of those rocks as well as the pool itself.

When in doubt, go neutral

If you’re truly at a loss, you can never go wrong with a neutral color. Beige, gray, white, or black colors go with nearly anything. If you pick a neutral color, then you’ll never have to worry about your pool slide conflicting with the rest of the environment.

Dolphin Waterslides has plenty of pool slide colors for you to choose from. To learn more about our options, contact us today at 731-632-1407.