Four Fun Pool Themes for Your Backyard Pool

As you’re installing your new pool, have you considered incorporating a theme? It’s not something everyone does with their pool, but having a pool theme will certainly make your backyard pool stand out! Plus, there are plenty of options. Below are our four favorite pool themes for you to consider:

Pirate ThemeModern water pool closes up to the blue water with a garden, poolside with wooden pillars and beams under blue sky and white clouds

A pirate themed pool is something that one of our own clients have done in the past. Create rocks, waterfalls, and a small pirate ship and you’ve got something your kids will love. And don’t forget to include a diving board so that people can “walk the plank.”

Tropical Paradise Theme

If you’re looking for something more relaxing and good for all ages, then consider a tropical paradise theme. Palm tree decorations paired with fake pink flamingos and a tiki bar will truly make it seem like a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Hollywood Theme

The “Classic Hollywood” look is perfect for any backyard pool. String lights above your pool and use a gold, black, silver, and white color scheme. You can even include a red carpet leading down into the pool!

Water Park Theme

Let’s face it—who doesn’t enjoy a water park? Now you can have one in your own backyard! With a custom waterslide along with a lazy river, inflatable pool toys, and more, it’ll feel like you have your own personal water park.

The custom waterslides here at Dolphin Waterslides are perfect for any of these themes, and more! Contact us today at 731-632-1407 to learn more!