With all the excitement and durability of a water park slide, we scaled down our custom pool water slides to fit your residential or private community pool! Our goal is to make your pool the place to be this summer. At Dolphin WaterSlides, we are the source for all your water slide needs. We take pride in offering our clients durable, safe, and beautiful water slides in Atlanta, GA. Let us help you choose the perfect slide for you at an affordable price!

One-Piece Water Slide Installation

Homeowners and pool builders alike have continued to fall in love with our easy to install one-piece pool slide. These slides have been built with safety in mind. With any busy pool area, we can expect the surrounding areas to get slippery, increasing the likelihood of slips and falls. To prevent accidents, we design our water slides to be installed in a way that would eliminate the need for ladders and plastic treads that wet feet could easily slip on. We want you to feel safe on all our slides.

Pre-Designed Fiberglass Water Slides

If you need a water slide right away, take a look at our pre-designed fiberglass water slides! You can start your slide plans by reviewing our most popular designs from over 14+ years of business. Pre-designed water slides are the perfect options for pool designers and landscapers that need to insert them into a pool design presentation quickly.

Our slides are also perfect for your backyard, adding a unique and eye-catching shape that will capture the attention of others! Since pre-designed water slides don’t allow for customization, one can be ordered as soon as you make your final decision.

Custom Water Slide Designs in Atlanta, GA

If you can’t find a design that suits your needs, don’t worry! At Dolphin WaterSlides, we offer complete customization on water slides so that you can find the best one for your pool. Our team will work with you to design and develop a custom fiberglass water slide that is perfectly unique to your pool and backyard. Your design options are limitless for your custom slide, and we’ll even help you customize the color of your water slide with our color matching technology, so it’s exactly how you pictured it would be!

Water Slide and Swimming Pool Accessories

If you’re looking for additional poolside accessories, we’re here to help! We have what you need to add some charm to your swimming pool, including signs and raintree pool domes.

When you’re ready to start looking for your perfect water slide, the team at Dolphin WaterSlides will assist you! We’ll help you design, build, and install a high-quality water slide at a great price. Contact us today and start discovering everything that we have to offer!


In ground pool with water slide and rope bridge